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Safety is at the forefront of our daily operating practices. We believe in prevention as that is part of Doing it Right. It begins with the attitude and commitment toward Safety from the owners and management team. We champion a "work safely" environment throughout all areas of our company.

It has been our practice over the years to learn from each issue that has occurred, find the root cause and develop a responsible action for correction. A few examples of those action steps are:

  • Full-time safety director.

  • Safety meetings held at least every quarter.

  • Use of experience driver trainers for new employees.

  • New drivers with no petroleum transportation experience require a minimum of 2 weeks training.

  • Review of the 10 Common Causes of Accidents.

  • Defensive driving training.

  • The Driver Trainer's job is not done when training is completed, they then take on the role of Mentor.

  • Making sure each new employee understands our company culture and the professional attitude that promotes that culture.

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